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What’s the average cost of a marriage celebrant?

Couples today place a large emphasis on having a romantic, enjoyable, and respectful wedding ceremony. For a lot of Australian couples, the ceremony is the most important part of their entire wedding day!

So how much are Australian couples willing to spend on their dream marriage celebrant? What’s the average cost?

According to the Easy Weddings 2016 Annual Wedding Survey, the average price couples are willing to spend for their marriage celebrant is $665.

When it comes to how much couples are willing to part with to create the perfect wedding ceremony with a celebrant that respects their wishes and their desires, the average price varies from state to state across Australia.

The stats

Victorian couples are the big spenders when it comes to their marriage officiant, forking out an average price of $695.

New South Wales and Queensland couples are willing to part with $640 and $600 respectively for their dream marriage celebrant.

Western Australian and Australian Capital Territory couples spend $590 and $560 respectively, and South Australian couples are willing to part with $555 for their marriage celebrant.

Tasmanian couples are the most modest in this regard, spending an average of $515 for their marriage officiant.

How successful couples use sense with their cents

The word budget pops up at every turn when you are planning a wedding, but once you are happily married and journeying into your ever-after, your finances should remain a high priority.

Success in life means different things to different people, but chances are that not having to worry or argue over money will be in everyone’s top five.

Whether budgeting for a wedding was your first crash-course in using sense with your cents, or you have been careful with your money ever since you started your first job, maintaining that level of care in your everyday life can mean the difference between financial security and living pay-to-pay.


There’s the word again! Taking notice of what’s coming in and what’s going out, even over a period of a fortnight, is a huge wake-up call. Did you really spend $40 in two weeks on coffee? It can so easily happen when daily habits become the norm and you stop thinking about it.

Before you dive into a restrictive budget, (which you should only do if absolutely necessary – you need to enjoy life too) just take notice of what your habits are right now and look at ways you can cut back.

You don’t have to immediately sacrifice big ticket items to save money, look at little things first. Making your own coffee at home and taking it in a cup to-go on your way to work could save you $960 a year.

Openness about debts

Most of us are carrying around financial baggage. It could be a car loan, a HECS/HELP debt, or the credit card bill from your last trip to Europe. No matter what it is, you should let your partner know about it and you can navigate how to best work to get rid of it. Most successful couples have this conversation pre-wedding.

Even if you have separate accounts, it is important to have full disclosure when you are carrying debts around. It will help you to allocate sufficient money as a couple to pay them down, so you can get on with saving for the things that you want, like that awesome holiday!

Music for wedding ceremonies

Music for your wedding ceremony is such an important decision, so be sure to put some thought into it well before your wedding day. We spoke to John Beck, specialist marriage celebrant about music for wedding ceremonies and how he feels a ceremony is best complimented by music, so if you are in need of music for your wedding,

Music is designed to sound dynamic, powerful and emotional.

All too frequently, it seems that a civil wedding ceremony is little more than a business transaction: signed, sealed and delivered (I’m yours) in no time at all. That’s fine if that’s what you want, but it is a celebrants job to help you to explore the possibilities and enhance your wedding ceremony.

So let’s talk music, Think back to the last wedding ceremony you attended; could you hear the music? How did it feel? What was it like? Did it reflect the bride and grooms personality? Also, what do you remember about it?

What music is playing as your guests are arriving?

While guests are arriving, consider playing some music that has been selected by the groom while he waits for the beautiful bride-to-be. This music will be his opportunity to send a message through his music choice, which will create the atmosphere for what is about to happen. It will also enable the groom to relax while he is waiting for the arrival of the bride.

I had one groom who selected six tracks all written by The Beatles. Of course, all his family knew he was a fan, so it came as no surprise to hear his favourite music, while they waited for the bride to arrive. Songs like ‘And I love her’ and ‘Something’ made an instant connection with those present and took on a whole new meaning as part of a wedding ceremony.

Music helps guests retain their memories of your special day.

Whether it’s because you’ve chosen to walk down the aisle to something scored by Hans Zimmer or because you are playing a song that older relatives recognise from their time falling in love, or your footy teams theme song, the music will still play in their heads long after your special day has wrapped up.

Arron and Mary-Jane’s proposal in the snow

Five months prior, Arron asked Mary-Jane’s father for his permission and got to planning his incredibly romantic proposal. “She knew nothing about us going away until two days before we had to leave!” he recalls.

Arron gave Mary-Jane a few hints:

1. Pack your bags for a week.

2. Pack warm clothes with a nice going-out outfit to wear

3. It’s going to a single degree or lower in temperature

4. We are leaving our house at 3AM

5. Don’t worry about the kids – it’s all taken care of.

“That drove her crazy with excitement and anxiety for the next two days!” he says.

The pair left at 3AM as planned, and (to Mary-Jane’s surprise) boarded a plane to Queenstown, New Zealand

After a couple of days, on June 23, 2017 Arron organised a ‘mystery drive’ through the snow-covered mountains. He pulled into a private yard, pretending to be lost and in need of directions. This was all part of the plan however, as they’d just arrived at their helicopter ride!

When the pair made it to the peaks of Cromwell Mountains, they went for a stroll. “I was secretly looking for the best background and most picturesque view!”

The pair were drinking pinot brandy and hot chocolate when it was “time for the moment Arron had been rehearsing in his head for the past two days.”

Arron looked Mary-Jane in the eyes and said his prepared line: “I’d love nothing more than to have you and the girls be a part of my story for the rest of our lives.”

“At that point all the tears started flowing,” says Arron. “I had to ask her twice if it was a yes because she couldn’t talk – it was cute.”