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Mikaila and Cameron’s purple picnic proposal

The pair lived together at the time of Cameron’s romantic proposal, and had been an item for four and a half years.

“We get along really well,” says Mikaila. “Cameron’s taught me a lot about myself and helped me stay focused on what’s important to me.”

On November 11, 2016 Cameron set up a picnic under a beautiful jacaranda tree that had dropped its flowers. He set up the picnic complete with rose petals and champagne in the middle of the field, surrounded by the purple of the fallen jacaranda flowers.

While the pair walked to the field, Cameron reminded Mikaila about their first date that had occurred in the very same location. He asked Mikaila to sit and told her of his proposal plans that he’d organised since June 2016.

“He then took out the ring and asked me to marry him,” says Mikaila. “I was so shocked I asked ‘Are you serious?’ I said yes, of course.”

“I loved the fact it was where our first date was,” recalls Mikaila. “I never thought Cameron could be that romantic! He did a great job.”

Mikaila’s ring is a round one-carat diamond, featuring half a carat made up of small diamonds on either side of the main diamond. “It’s white gold and is absolutely beautiful,” says Mikaila.

Mikaila and Cameron have already embarked on their wedding planning journey. They’ve booked their ceremony at St Peter Chanel, and their reception at the Australian Museum.

We wish Mikaila and Cameron the best of luck with their wedding planning, and hope to see their special day appear in our Real Weddings section in the future!

Sydney wedding caterers with something special

Searching for a caterer that’ll be a talking point at your wedding? Look no further! Here’s 5 Sydney wedding caterers with something special, as selected by the Editor (me) by how mouth-wateringly delicious their storefronts appear.

Simmone Logue

Beginning as a humble cake business in 1990, Simmone Logue still has the same commitment to food and passion for what she does. Successfully catering intimate sit down dinners to lavish cocktail affairs with 500 guests, no wedding is too big or too small for Simmone Logue. These Gold Licensed Caterers can also assist with staff, equipment hire, and offer a range of beverage packages to ensure your event is everything you’ve ever dreamed of. Click here to find out why you NEED Simmone Logue at your wedding.

Barbicrew Catering Events

Offering a range of fire-roasted meats, poultry, sausages, and seafood, spit-roasted over natural charcoal to perfection, Barbicrew Catering Events promises something truly mouth watering for your wedding catering. This professional service offers a wide range of options to suit your wedding style, whether it’s buffet, cocktail, or sit-down catering! Check out their reviews today and read why so many happy couples adore Barbicrew Catering Events!

Bev’s Catering

With over 12 years experience in the catering business, Bev’s Catering promises something truly special for your wedding day. Bev’s Catering has menus to suit any occasion – whether it’s for as little as two people to extravagant soirees of 500 people! This team of professionals can even assist with all aspects of your function including catering, floral arrangements, cakes, and beverages! Check out Bev’s Catering today, you won’t be disappointed!

What’s the average cost of a marriage celebrant?

Couples today place a large emphasis on having a romantic, enjoyable, and respectful wedding ceremony. For a lot of Australian couples, the ceremony is the most important part of their entire wedding day!

So how much are Australian couples willing to spend on their dream marriage celebrant? What’s the average cost?

According to the Easy Weddings 2016 Annual Wedding Survey, the average price couples are willing to spend for their marriage celebrant is $665.

When it comes to how much couples are willing to part with to create the perfect wedding ceremony with a celebrant that respects their wishes and their desires, the average price varies from state to state across Australia.

The stats

Victorian couples are the big spenders when it comes to their marriage officiant, forking out an average price of $695.

New South Wales and Queensland couples are willing to part with $640 and $600 respectively for their dream marriage celebrant.

Western Australian and Australian Capital Territory couples spend $590 and $560 respectively, and South Australian couples are willing to part with $555 for their marriage celebrant.

Tasmanian couples are the most modest in this regard, spending an average of $515 for their marriage officiant.

How successful couples use sense with their cents

The word budget pops up at every turn when you are planning a wedding, but once you are happily married and journeying into your ever-after, your finances should remain a high priority.

Success in life means different things to different people, but chances are that not having to worry or argue over money will be in everyone’s top five.

Whether budgeting for a wedding was your first crash-course in using sense with your cents, or you have been careful with your money ever since you started your first job, maintaining that level of care in your everyday life can mean the difference between financial security and living pay-to-pay.


There’s the word again! Taking notice of what’s coming in and what’s going out, even over a period of a fortnight, is a huge wake-up call. Did you really spend $40 in two weeks on coffee? It can so easily happen when daily habits become the norm and you stop thinking about it.

Before you dive into a restrictive budget, (which you should only do if absolutely necessary – you need to enjoy life too) just take notice of what your habits are right now and look at ways you can cut back.

You don’t have to immediately sacrifice big ticket items to save money, look at little things first. Making your own coffee at home and taking it in a cup to-go on your way to work could save you $960 a year.

Openness about debts

Most of us are carrying around financial baggage. It could be a car loan, a HECS/HELP debt, or the credit card bill from your last trip to Europe. No matter what it is, you should let your partner know about it and you can navigate how to best work to get rid of it. Most successful couples have this conversation pre-wedding.

Even if you have separate accounts, it is important to have full disclosure when you are carrying debts around. It will help you to allocate sufficient money as a couple to pay them down, so you can get on with saving for the things that you want, like that awesome holiday!

Music for wedding ceremonies

Music for your wedding ceremony is such an important decision, so be sure to put some thought into it well before your wedding day. We spoke to John Beck, specialist marriage celebrant about music for wedding ceremonies and how he feels a ceremony is best complimented by music, so if you are in need of music for your wedding,

Music is designed to sound dynamic, powerful and emotional.

All too frequently, it seems that a civil wedding ceremony is little more than a business transaction: signed, sealed and delivered (I’m yours) in no time at all. That’s fine if that’s what you want, but it is a celebrants job to help you to explore the possibilities and enhance your wedding ceremony.

So let’s talk music, Think back to the last wedding ceremony you attended; could you hear the music? How did it feel? What was it like? Did it reflect the bride and grooms personality? Also, what do you remember about it?

What music is playing as your guests are arriving?

While guests are arriving, consider playing some music that has been selected by the groom while he waits for the beautiful bride-to-be. This music will be his opportunity to send a message through his music choice, which will create the atmosphere for what is about to happen. It will also enable the groom to relax while he is waiting for the arrival of the bride.

I had one groom who selected six tracks all written by The Beatles. Of course, all his family knew he was a fan, so it came as no surprise to hear his favourite music, while they waited for the bride to arrive. Songs like ‘And I love her’ and ‘Something’ made an instant connection with those present and took on a whole new meaning as part of a wedding ceremony.

Music helps guests retain their memories of your special day.

Whether it’s because you’ve chosen to walk down the aisle to something scored by Hans Zimmer or because you are playing a song that older relatives recognise from their time falling in love, or your footy teams theme song, the music will still play in their heads long after your special day has wrapped up.

Arron and Mary-Jane’s proposal in the snow

Five months prior, Arron asked Mary-Jane’s father for his permission and got to planning his incredibly romantic proposal. “She knew nothing about us going away until two days before we had to leave!” he recalls.

Arron gave Mary-Jane a few hints:

1. Pack your bags for a week.

2. Pack warm clothes with a nice going-out outfit to wear

3. It’s going to a single degree or lower in temperature

4. We are leaving our house at 3AM

5. Don’t worry about the kids – it’s all taken care of.

“That drove her crazy with excitement and anxiety for the next two days!” he says.

The pair left at 3AM as planned, and (to Mary-Jane’s surprise) boarded a plane to Queenstown, New Zealand

After a couple of days, on June 23, 2017 Arron organised a ‘mystery drive’ through the snow-covered mountains. He pulled into a private yard, pretending to be lost and in need of directions. This was all part of the plan however, as they’d just arrived at their helicopter ride!

When the pair made it to the peaks of Cromwell Mountains, they went for a stroll. “I was secretly looking for the best background and most picturesque view!”

The pair were drinking pinot brandy and hot chocolate when it was “time for the moment Arron had been rehearsing in his head for the past two days.”

Arron looked Mary-Jane in the eyes and said his prepared line: “I’d love nothing more than to have you and the girls be a part of my story for the rest of our lives.”

“At that point all the tears started flowing,” says Arron. “I had to ask her twice if it was a yes because she couldn’t talk – it was cute.”

What’s the average cost of wedding music?

The stats

Western Australian couples are the big spenders when it comes to wedding music, forking out an average of $1,580 to get their party started.

Victorian and New South Wales couples are willing to spend $1,535 and $1,525 respectively on their wedding music.

Australian Capital Territory are willing to part with $1,360, and South Australian couples spend an average of $1,330 on their wedding music.

Queensland couples spend an average of $1,230 for their music, and Northern Territory couples spend $1,150.

Tasmanian couples are the most modest when it comes to their wedding music, spending an average of $975 to fill their dancefloor.

Fun facts

According to the 2016 Annual Wedding Survey, 92% of those surveyed said they would hire a band or a DJ for their wedding reception, while 8% of couples said they would not be hiring any music-related service for their wedding.

And, when it comes to the DJ vs live band debate, a huge 71% of couples choose a DJ, while only 29% will choose a live band for their wedding.

2017 prediction

For 2017, the Easy Weddings Annual Wedding Survey results so far conclude a rise in what Australian couples are willing to spend to ensure they create a ‘happening’ party atmosphere and a stellar wedding reception. While the complete 2017 survey is not yet published, we predict this rise in price is due to the emphasis and importance couples place on having the best possible tunes at their wedding. They need someone who’ll judge when to play a certain song, and who’ll know how to get everyone on the dance floor.

Melbourne photo booth providers with something special

Toying with the idea of having a photo booth at your wedding? Photo booths are a great way to get your guests mingling and having fun, and can create awesome photos of your guests that perhaps your photographer would miss while paying attention to you!

In no particular order, here’s 6 of our favourite Melbourne photo booth providers, as selected by the editor (me) by how much I’d like to have them at my own wedding.

In the Booth

Providing a boutique, studio-quality photo booth hire service, In the Booth promises something extra special for your wedding! These fully enclosed photo booths allow your guests the freedom to be themselves, with more than enough room for crazy antics and group shots! And, offering instant printing and the ability to download digital copies from their app, your guests can take their creations with them! Check out In the Boothtoday!


Rentertainment is a must-have for your wedding, offering a Mirror Me Booth, Pix2Flix Flipbook Studio, Inflatable Photo Booth, Magnetic Moments, and more! Pushing the boundaries of creativity, imagination, and technology, Rentertainment is just what you need to get your guests having fun at your wedding! Check outRentertainment’s packages – they have something to suit every budget, size, and theme!

Social Playground

Social Playground, founded on a love of Social Media, photography, and events, offers a range of photo booths for your wedding. The Live Instagram Printer allows guests to snap, hashtag, and print their digital memories instantly! The GIF GIF Booth allows guests to show off their dancing skills and download their very own gif. And finally, the Selfie Mirror allows guests to take picture-perfect selfies at your wedding! Click here to find out why so many happy couples adore Social Playground!

PASH Photobooths

Priding themselves on being Australia’s best quality photo booth, PASH Photobooths offers two types of booths for your wedding entertainment needs! Providing smiling attendants, cool props to suit your wedding theme, instantly printed strips, the ability to leave video messages, and all images and videos given to you on a USB on the night, PASH Photobooths has everything you could possibly imagine! Check out their reviews today, and find out why so many happy couples adore PASH Photobooths!

This food and beverage station is at your wedding

The Craft Beer Kombi and Booze Bus

There is nothing quite like a classic Kombi to evoke feelings of nostalgia and everything beachy. Couples have been able to ride in them to make a grand entrance at their wedding and now, they can also have one stationed at their reception to serve drinks to thirsty guests.

The Craft Beer Kombi and Booze Bus, which services Melbourne, is a stunning red and white kombi with the added bonus of being loaded with craft beer and cider. Couples can also choose non-alcoholic options or to BYO if they wish.

This modified Kombi will be sure to be a talking point among guests and add a whole new dimension to your reception celebrations.

The Chevy Bar

For lovers of art on wheels, you will make a statement like no other with The Chevy Bar. The bright yellow restored and modified 1959 Chevy Apache is the ultimate machine and has been taken to the next level by being endowed with the ability to dispense drinks.
We’re not just talking beer here, but also kegs of cider, post mix, chilled water and an ice bucket on the back tail provides the ideal space to store and serve red and white wine, champagne and even poppas for the kids!
If you are looking for the ultimate party-starter at your reception, you can also take advantage of the Chevy’s PA and audio system, range of lawn games and bar tables. All you would need is a venue and The Chevy Bar can transform it into an amazing celebration space.

Young Vintage Mobile Bar

Carrying on with the motoring theme, the Young Vintage Mobile Bar is the perfect fit for any vintage, rustic or outdoor wedding.
The unique 1926 Chevrolet Delivery Truck is in pristine condition and has been modified to include four beer taps to allow you to hook up kegs of beer, cider, wine, soft drink, or cocktails.
This is more of a DIY solution for Brisbane-based couples, where you have the flexibility of buying your own alcohol and the truck is set up as a fully functioning, self-service bar.

Bianco Latte

If you are looking for something unique that also serves a purpose – or in this case gelato – then you can’t go past Bianco Latte.

The quaint vintage Sicilian ice cream cart can wow your guests with homemade gelato and sorbet that boasts fresh ingredients and is produced locally in Melbourne.

Not only will you be satisfying the sweet tooth of your guests, but also creating a backdrop for your wedding photos that comes straight out of Europe. The stylings of the cart ensure it will suit any wedding theme and is sure to be a hit with guests.

Coffee Caboose

Coffee and doughnuts are one hell of an awesome combo to offer your wedding guests! We love this food and drink combo.

And when it comes to coffee, tea, hot chocolates, and doughnuts, no one does it quite like the Coffee Caboose.

The Melbourne-based company can provide you with the Kobehavn – a gorgeous light-wood cart that couples can customise with their names and greenery to match their wedding decor – or the Gypsy – a street-style, retro coffee cart with an alternative charm.

The two options mean great flexibility to choose the cart that best fits your wedding style. The best thing is, they both include highly skilled baristas with a selection of specialty coffee, Espresso Martinis, T2 teas, Turkish delight hot chocolate, Matcha and All Day Doughnuts.

Real life wedding crashers

Wedding crashers are no myth! Here are some true stories by real life wedding crashers & bridal parties who encountered wedding crashers on their big day from the forums of the internet:

“I decided to go to the beach with a bunch of stoned friends. They had an open wedding and reception on the beach with a buffet. We saw what was going on and post high munchies were taking over. An hour later they’re dancing with the bridesmaid doing the electric slide into a conga line. 10/10 would crash again. ” -Reddit

“I crashed a wedding when I was a teenager with my cousins. It was a reception held at the restaurant in the campground we were staying at. There were pictures taken of us at the table and dancing, but that was the extent of it… we were there for 30 minutes to an hour at the very most.

….we didn’t eat or drink anything while we were there… we were just being the least-rebellious rebellious teens there are! The thrills of being 15. Lol” -WeddingBee

“At my wedding reception three weeks ago a pregnant lady showed up and just walked around aimlessly for a bit and left after having a small bit of food. Turned out she was the sister of our caterer?!? LOL!” – WeddingBee

Wrong Wedding!