Real life wedding crashers

Wedding crashers are no myth! Here are some true stories by real life wedding crashers & bridal parties who encountered wedding crashers on their big day from the forums of the internet:

“I decided to go to the beach with a bunch of stoned friends. They had an open wedding and reception on the beach with a buffet. We saw what was going on and post high munchies were taking over. An hour later they’re dancing with the bridesmaid doing the electric slide into a conga line. 10/10 would crash again. ” -Reddit

“I crashed a wedding when I was a teenager with my cousins. It was a reception held at the restaurant in the campground we were staying at. There were pictures taken of us at the table and dancing, but that was the extent of it… we were there for 30 minutes to an hour at the very most.

….we didn’t eat or drink anything while we were there… we were just being the least-rebellious rebellious teens there are! The thrills of being 15. Lol” -WeddingBee

“At my wedding reception three weeks ago a pregnant lady showed up and just walked around aimlessly for a bit and left after having a small bit of food. Turned out she was the sister of our caterer?!? LOL!” – WeddingBee

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