The Experts At Upgraded Points Created An Awesome Travel Packing List For Every Traveler

The constant changes in airline packing requirements can make the process of getting ready for a trip more work than it should be. From electronic devices to liquids and beauty products, regulations on what is and is not allowed can be complicated to understand. Before a traveler packs their bag and embarks on a journey, it is important to know the ins and outs of what is allowed on an airplane. By following the packing tips below, anyone can rest assured that their bag is packed safely and will meet any Federal Aviation Requirements that may be enforced.

Luggage Selection

It is possible for any luggage to be used for a trip, but it must meet certain dimension requirements to be stored in the overhead compartments within the cabin of the plane. Any bags that are checked and placed in the cargo hull of the aircraft should be locked, but with an FAA-approved locking mechanism. This allows officers to access the contents of the bag for inspection, but prevent others from being able to open the bags.

Personal Care Items

Any personal care items that are brought on a plane must successfully pass through the homeland security checkpoint. Each passenger is permitted to carry 1-quart size bag of products that are individually placed in the bag. All items must be in approved travel containers and can contain no more than 3.4 ounces of product per container. Many manufacturers make this easy and provide travel approved sizes of their products that travelers can purchase before a trip.

Electronic Devices

There are few restrictions on electronic devices on an airplane. Any items that pass through security are subject to an X-ray investigation and chemical compound swab test. Keep in mind that the item must fit in either the passengers carry on bag or fit safely in their checked luggage. It is also important to note that all devices must be powered off during departure and arrival.

With all of the details that go into packing for a trip, it can quickly get overwhelming. Upgraded Points created an awesome travel packing list that can help travelers quickly prepare for their journey and ensure they have all of the items they need packed safely and according to all FAA regulations. Check out their packing list to make preparing for a trip simple.