What’s the average cost of a marriage celebrant?

Couples today place a large emphasis on having a romantic, enjoyable, and respectful wedding ceremony. For a lot of Australian couples, the ceremony is the most important part of their entire wedding day!

So how much are Australian couples willing to spend on their dream marriage celebrant? What’s the average cost?

According to the Easy Weddings 2016 Annual Wedding Survey, the average price couples are willing to spend for their marriage celebrant is $665.

When it comes to how much couples are willing to part with to create the perfect wedding ceremony with a celebrant that respects their wishes and their desires, the average price varies from state to state across Australia.

The stats

Victorian couples are the big spenders when it comes to their marriage officiant, forking out an average price of $695.

New South Wales and Queensland couples are willing to part with $640 and $600 respectively for their dream marriage celebrant.

Western Australian and Australian Capital Territory couples spend $590 and $560 respectively, and South Australian couples are willing to part with $555 for their marriage celebrant.

Tasmanian couples are the most modest in this regard, spending an average of $515 for their marriage officiant.