Your guide to creating the ultimate rustic wedding

Are you somebody that doesn’t half do anything? Have you been dreaming of hosting the perfect rustic wedding? Here’s everything you need to include to create the ultimate rustic wedding.

The rustic wedding theme

A rustic wedding focuses on wildlife and natural elements rather than purchased luxurious items. It’s all about simplistic beauty. The rustic theme is up there in the top 10 most popular wedding themes, among classic/traditional, romantic, garden/outdoors, vintage, contemporary and glamorous, beach, vineyard and boho chic.

The vision

Couples who embark on planning the quintessential rustic wedding want to create something that appears effortless – even when it’s not. These couples often enjoy the simpler things in life, and see the beauty in natural things rather than purchased luxurious items.

Ceremony venue

The typical rustic wedding usually begins in an outdoor ceremony venue. These can include gardens, parks, beaches, and farmland. The decor is usually very natural and earth, and there’s a large emphasis on minimalist beauty.

If the ceremony is indoors, there’s usually a point made to bring the outdoors within. For example, couples may exchange vows in front of elaborate floral altars, or next to a large floral hanging installation. Anything that screams ‘nature’ is welcome at a rustic wedding.